Charleston Base SUBVETS Participate In Summerville, SC Memorial Day Service

More than 40 Charleston Base SUBVETS attended the combined services Memorial Day Service in Summerville, South Carolina on Monday, May 27th.

Distinctive in their SUBVETS vests and ballcaps, two standing ranks of former submariners flanked the seated guests and paid somber tribute to the nation's fallen.

Read the story in the Summerville Journal Scene

Stank and Morawiec Win Landslide Victories In May Base Commander and Treasurer Elections

They were long and hard-fought campaigns - and when all the votes were in - and the final tallies announced, it was crystal clear (to even a skimmer puke) that Master Chief Machinist's Mate (USN Ret.) Ed Stank and Lieutenant (USN Ret.) Steve Morawiec were the undisputed winners.

When asked by this reporter to summarize the campaigns, Base Commander (Elect) Stank (not a past participle but a proper noun) paraphrased Mr. Churchill and quipped, "Never have so many drank so much beer paid for by so few."

A Message From The New Base Commander


I've been asked what my goals are as the new base commander. While this position within the organization is new to me, leadership roles are not. I believe first and foremost that we serve at the pleasure of the membership and every recommendation, suggestion, and review we conduct as the executive board must and will be done in an open environment. In our role as base officers, elected or appointed, supporting the membership must be done not as individuals, but as a group.

We must always remember that we are a fraternal organization whose primary purpose is to make being a member of this base a pleasureable, rewarding, and community involved organization. A broad based definition of what I support, and will work to continue, is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members.

As members of the executive board and supporting posts, I ask that you continue to perform your roles in the manner in which you have done them in the past. I also ask that if you have an improvement you would like to see, not only in your own role or how we do business within the membership, put it on the table. If the change you wish to perform is general in nature then do it. Board approval is not required for every change - but please keep us advised.

Finally, some of the things I wish to accomplish as the new Base Commander are:

· An overhaul of the By-Laws.

· Develop a new approach to the way we report to the membership - not only as a result of executive board meetings but also the conduct of our monthly meetings.

· Ways our base can become more involved in local community activities.

Our organization is comprised of talented, smart, and independent thinking individuals - who, if given the opportunity, will continue to make our base grow and improve.

Loftis Gets His Dolphins And Becomes The Latest Honorary Submariner

Luke Loftis, a handsome lad of 10 years old from Moncks Corner, SC, was, on May 14th, awarded his dolphins and permitted honorary entrance into the sacred realm of submariners.

Luke, who chides that he was named after Skywalker and not the Apostle, is a patient at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Charleston Base Kaps For Kids coordinator Walt Deal (left) presented Luke with an honorary submariner ballcap - replete with dolphins - and a signed certificate attesting to Luke's new status as a Brother of the 'Phin.

We at USSVI Charleston Base wish Luke Loftis, and his parents and family, the best of luck and Godspeed in his recovery. Well done and BZ Luke!

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