The attendance for the May 9, 2013 meeting was 99.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Commander Carl Chinn. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1900. After the Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in May was given by the Base Chaplain. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Vice Commander Jerry Stout. Carl Chinn welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.

Introductions: The following were new attendees to Charleston Base meetings: Zachary Scott ETC (SS) USN, Qual Boat: USS Scranton (SSN 756); Chris McCool CMDCM (SS) USN (Ret.), Qual Boat: USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN 640); Mark Schmitt CDR USN, Director of Nuclear Field A School, Qual Boats: USS James Monroe (SSBN 622) and USS Newport News (SSN 750); and Bill Dorrity, a Army Air Corps and Air Force WWII and Korean War veteran who spent 20 years riding submarines as a civilian employee of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

Bill told the following story: He was at Portsmouth when the Nathaniel Greene (SSBN 636) was getting ready to go to sea and the USS Dolphin (SS 555) came in and was tied up at the stern of the Greene. The USS Dolphin was only 150' long. When the people were coming into the shipyard the next morning they saw a line extending from the sail to the rudder on the Greene with a banner that read, "It's a girl."

Secretary: Base Secretary Rick Wise called for a motion from the floor for the minutes for the April Meeting as published in the newsletter to be approved. A motion was made and seconded and approved on a voice vote.

Treasurer: Base Treasurer Terry Trump read a report for the month of April 2013. Terry thanked the base for the opportunity to serve as Base Treasurer for the last four years.

Vice Commander: No Report.

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report:

Bill Jennings has a bad abscess on his back. He is afraid to get out for fear of infection but would really appreciate visits from any of the base members.

Bill and Sue Buxton have moved to Gig Harbor WA. As soon as I have an address I will let you know. Bill has only a few months left to live.

Lee Lookabill, John's wife, passed away on 30 April. There was a very good showing of support from the base members at the viewing and funeral.

Marshall 'Pappy' Henderson needs people to go by and see him. Since the last meeting he has had to have his truck worked on and tires replaced. Pappy fell last Thursday as he was coming in his back door to the house. He tore a hole in his hand. He is very concerned about all of his recent expenses and found out he had to have his sewer line replaced to the house.

Bill Roberts: He is doing ok from the hernia repair. His hip replacement will be in June.

Barbara Heinle, Don's wife, has been diagnosed with a return of a very aggressive form of cancer and is now having chemo. They both appreciate all your prayers.

Ev Fuhr, Ken's wife, has finally been able to go home after her kidney transplant on 4 April. Last info is that she is doing very well. They both appreciate all of your prayers.

Mike Emerson has begun chemo for his bladder cancer.

Stacy Power is home recovering from another hospital visit. He was having a problem with blood flow in his leg and foot. He is still having problems walking. Stacy really appreciates your prayers.

Joy Skorepa, Tom's wife, fell while at Short Stay. She suffered a badly dislocated elbow, and two broken bones. During surgery they found torn tendons in her upper arm, shattered rotator section of lower main bone (they had to replace it with artificial unit), and might have to have another operation in near future. She is at home and is doing intensive therapy.

Sharon Allen, Carl's sister, passed away on 12 April. There was a very good showing from the base members at her memorial service.

Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, Rm 323. Visitors would be appreciated.

For the information of All Hands: Each time I am contacted about a submariner who has departed on Eternal Patrol I usually receive at least one, usually more, phone calls/emails asking what the base is going to do and when are we going to do it. Our SOP is that we only conduct our Bell Tolling and presentations to the family for those who are Charleston Base members. Base members will receive an email concerning anyone who departs on EP and is not a member of USSVI and/or Charleston Base. This allows anyone who knew the departed to attend services if they feel led.

The following shipmates departed on Eternal Patrol this past month. None were members of Charleston Base. Online memorial entries were made if possible.

John Francis Schadegg departed on Eternal Patrol on April 7 in Charleston. He was not a member of USSVI. He served on submarines 1969-1976. An entry was made in the online memorial page on behalf of Charleston Base and Swamp Fox Chapter.

Roger Dale Dalton departed on Eternal Patrol on April 26 in Moncks Corner. He was not a member of USSVI. He attended the After Battery functions. An entry was made in the online memorial page on behalf of Charleston Base and Swamp Fox Chapter.

Russell David Clark departed on Eternal Patrol on May 5th in Walterboro. He was not a member of USSVI. An entry was made in the online memorial page on behalf of Charleston Base and Swamp Fox Chapter.

NOTE: Please get your mug shot taken if you have already done so. Also, please complete your Page 2 if you haven’t done so. Copies are on the SK’s table.

If you know of shipmates or spouses from other bases who are having a difficult time, had surgery, etc. and would like for USSVI Charleston Base to send them a card please send their name and address to the Chaplain via email or phone call.

Webmaster Updates: If you are looking for a reason to buy that new computer then the time has come:

Despite being more than a decade old, XP is still the second most-popular operating system around. It was the most popular operating system until this time last year when Windows 7 edged it out.

All good things must come to an end, though. Microsoft says Windows XP's end-of-life date is April 8, 2014. After that, Windows XP will ride off into the sunset knowing it changed the computing world forever.

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft won't provide any security updates for XP. That means any security flaws that hackers find won't be fixed. Your computer will be a sitting duck. Plus, once Microsoft stops supporting XP, other companies will follow suit. It takes a lot of time and money to make sure programs and hardware work on all the versions of Windows.

If you do use Windows XP after April 2014, it's essentially at your own risk. Having security software installed will help, but it will get more and more dangerous to use XP as time goes on.

Windows 7 is the closest operating system in look and feel to XP. In fact, it's shaping up to replace XP as the operating system that people will be using as long as they can.

Veterans Affairs: Acting Veterans Affairs Officer Nick Nichols made the following report:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Passwords

The Spring 2013 myPay release will affect all users and be will phased in over the next 5 months, beginning May 11, 2013. It requires users to change their passwords every 60 days using stronger 15 to 30 character passwords. The change strengthens security and complies with current Defense Department guidelines. Beginning in May, groups of users will be required to establish new passwords when they attempt to access their accounts. DFAS expects it will take four months before all users have updated their passwords. Once a password has been created, each myPay user will have to update their password every 60 days.

More information at Password Change

Newsletter Editor: Newsletter Editor Steve Morawiec reported that the April newsletter electronic and print versions have been sent out.

Storekeeper: Base Storekeeper Ken Hutchison asked for a show of hands on who might be interested in Charleston Base golf shirts that should run 25 to 30 dollars.

Submarine Veterans of WWII: The next meeting of the Swamp Fox Chapter will be 1130 Thursday, June 20 at Ryan's on 17A in Summerville.

Public Events Coordinator: Public Events Coordinator Marty Sessler reported that the parade at Myrtle Beach has been cancelled. The Memorial Day ceremony will take place at Summerville Cemetery at 1000 on Monday May 27.

The status of the float: The float trailer is in bad shape. Because the trailer has no cross-member support it flexes as it is towed and this has caused the axles to bend and the tires to get out of round. All the hangers are coming loose. He hopes to get estimates for the repair or replacement of the trailer.

Membership: CDR Schmitt has joined the base.

Kaps For Kids: Kaps for Kids Coordinator Walt Deal reported that a presentation will take place at MUSC on Tuesday, May 14.

Fleet Reserve: Upcoming Events: 11 May - Daddy's Girls Dinner Show, 12 May - Mother's Day Breakfast, 13 - May Home Committee Meeting, 14 May - Unit Meeting, 16 May - Branch Meeting with elections, 17 & 18 May - Short Stay Picnic, and 27 May - Memorial Day Service.

Scholarship: Scholarship Committee Chairman Julian Villegas thanked the base for its support of the Scholarship Fund and reported that we have received 5 applications this year. The committee will be meeting to select the winners and to make presentations at the June meeting.

The committee has new challenge coins for sale at $12 each. These are a little different than the old coins, so buy a new one.

The committee also raffled off a "Booze Basket" which was won by Julian Villegas who returned it to the committee for raffling off at the June meeting. The book United States Submarines, donated to the committee by Bill Buxton, was sold at a silent auction to Glenn Little for $100.

Nuclear Historian: Nuclear Historian Rick Carlson related these stories:

Of the total of 44 US Presidents: Obama rated the 5th best president ever.

I was just reading a Democratic Party press release that said "…after a little more than four years, Obama has been rated the 5th best president ever." The details, according to White House publicists:

Reagan, Lincoln and 8 others tied for first,
15 presidents tied for second
17 other presidents tied for third
Jimmy Carter came in 4th, and
Obama came in fifth.

A nuclear trained Machinist's Mate was washed up on a beach after a shipwreck. Only a sheep and a sheepdog were washed up with him. After looking around, he realized they were on a deserted island.

After being there awhile, he got into the habit of taking his two animal companions to the beach every evening to watch the sunset. One particular evening, the sky was a fiery red with beautiful cirrus clouds. The breeze was warm and gentle - a perfect night for romance.

As they sat there, the sheep started looking better and better to the lonely man. Soon, he leaned over to the sheep and put his arm around it. But the sheepdog, ever protective of the sheep, growled fiercely until the man took his arm from around the sheep. After that, the three of them continued to enjoy the sunsets, but there was no more cuddling.

A few weeks passed by and, lo and behold, there was another shipwreck. The only survivor was Nancy Pelosi. That evening the man brought Nancy to the evening beach ritual. It was another beautiful evening - red sky, cirrus clouds, and a warm gentle breeze. A prefect night for romance! Pretty soon the man started to get those "feelings" again. He fought the urges as long as he could but finally gave in and leaned over to Nancy and told her he hadn't had sex for months. Nancy batted her eyelashes and asked if there was anything she could do for him.

"Yes," he said. "Take the dog for a walk."

District Commander: District Commander Paul Viering reported that next weekend (17 - 18 May) the North Carolina SubVets will hold their Moonshine Mountain Service.

On June 22, the Denizens of the Deep base will hold the annual SC-GA caucus.

The National USSVI Convention is 29 Aug - 3 Sep in Rochester, MN. For your information the future conventions are 2014 - Burlingame, CA; 2015 - Galveston, TX; 2016 - Reno, NV. Even though a resolution was passed to have conventions every other year, the National Board justifies this schedule by saying that nothing says they can't have conventions every year.

The annual WWII ceremony will take place at King's Bay, GA the first weekend in November.

Chief of the Boat: Rick Sparger reported that Ed Stank has volunteered to run the base picnic on June 1. He will need a lot of help, so step up.

After a discussion with the Command Master Chief, the letters of appreciation and challenge coins for the seven sailors who helped at the Base Oyster Roast will be turned over to the Nuclear Power Training Command for presentation.

He had received a call about the CPO Selectee Breakfast held at the Cracker Barrel in September. There had been some complaints by SubVets about the event but it will be held the same way.

Base Commander: The base has received a $500 donation for the Scholarship Fund from the Binkley family. Richard Binkley was a WWII SubVet and member of Charleston Base who died March 19, 2012. A memorial service was performed by the base prior to spreading his ashes on the sea.

The election for District Commander has started. The ballots have to be in by June 30. We will be taking ballots at the May and June meetings. Ballots are available at the table. Ballots may be mailed to the Base Secretary, 111 Pinewood Drive, Summerville, SC 29483.

Old Business: Base member Jim Lewis expressed his concern on how we handled the letters and challenge coins to the sailors who helped with the Oyster Roast.

New Business: Base member Joe Hayes asked if the Executive Board minutes or a meeting agenda could be included in the Base Newsletter. The webmaster pointed out that for the last few months the Executive Board meeting minutes have been on the base website under Documents.

After asking for nominations from the floor and receiving none, John Lookabill pointed out that Ed Stank was running unopposed for Base Commander and asked for a motion from the floor to elect Ed Stank Base Commander by acclamation. A motion was received and seconded and Ed was so elected.

After asking for nominations from the floor and receiving none, John Lookabill pointed out that Steve Morawiec was running unopposed for Base Treasurer and asked for a motion from the floor to elect Steve Morawiec Base Treasurer by acclamation. A motion was received and seconded and Ed was so elected.

Good of the Order: Rick Wise said the following. "As some of the base may remember, I had some reservation when Carl ran for Base Commander. I was wrong. I want to thank Carl for the job he has done as Base Commander. He has been outstanding."

Chief of the Boat, Rick Sparger, pointed out that Carl joined the base in 2004, he became Membership Chairman in 2005, he became Newsletter editor about that same time and was elected Vice Commander in 2006, a position he held until being elected Base Commander in 2011. Some of the base may remember at one time he had a three-billed ballcap. One bill was for Vice Commander, one for Membership and the last for Newletter. He would switch the hat around as each report came up. Rick thanked Carl for all he has done for the base and said he hoped Carl would continue to work with the base and attend out on the floor with the regular base members. He said that Carl had done a magnificent job in everything he had done and thanked him very, very much.

He also pointed out that Terry Trump has done a great job as treasurer over the last four years.

John Lookabill pointed out that FRA elections were coming up on Thursday, May 16 and that some SubVets were running for some important positions. He urged base members to attend the FRA meeting.

Carl Chinn announced that he was resigning as Membership Chairman and his position on the Scholarship Committee.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Larry Starland. He donated $100 to the Scholarship Fund. There was also a drawing for the last 3 calendars. The winners were John Camp, Ron Kozlowski and David Mueller.

Meeting Adjourned: Following the benediction by the Base Chaplain, the Vice Commander adjourned the meeting at 2010.

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