The attendance for the April 2014 meeting was 111.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Commander Ed Stank. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1902. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in April was given by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Vice-Commander Jerry Stout. Ed welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.

Holland Club Induction: Ed Stank introduced Holland Club Chairman John Kratz. John explained the meaning of the Holland Club and read the certificates that would be presented to each of the inductees. With the aid of base member Ed Bowles, John presented the certificates to Robert B. “Beetle” Bailey, Richard A. Carlson, William Freligh, Robert W. Gay, Robert Grabowski, Herbert P. “Jack” Harden, Charles Holycross, John E. Ilgenfritz, Jerry A. Koebel, Joseph P. LaRose, Danny L. Leonhardt, Elmer B. “Moon” Mullins, Sr., Arthur O’Meally, Jr., Jeffery D. Reuer, Martin K. “Marty” Sessler, Kenneth R. Turner, Donald Whitehead, Gordon Williams, Jim Williams, and Thomas Yingling. The following members were not present but were inducted: Alwyn M. Byrd, Thomas R. Conrey, Roy E. Morrow, Richard Pasnak, Stanley C. “Charlie” Rook, and Jack Sumner. John Kratz will get the certificates to those who could not be present. Base Member Clarence “Al” Lammers, who died in January, was also inducted. His certificates will be presented to his family.

A presentation for scholastic achievement was made to Caleb Reuer, grandson of base member Jeff Reuer. This consisted of a certificate, an honorary submariner certificate and a Charleston Base Submariner ball cap.

Following the presentations photographs were taken to be posted on the base website The guests were thanked for attending and the asked to leave so that a short business meeting could be held. After the guests left, the meeting continued.

Introductions: The following was a new attendee to Charleston Base meetings: MM1(SS) John Sharer, Qual Boat USS Sam Rayburn SSBN 635.

Secretary/Little David: Base Secretary Rick Wise reported that the March meeting minutes had published in the newsletter ands on the base website. Rick Sparger made a motion to approve the March meeting minutes as published. The motion was seconded and carried on a voice vote. As for the Little David Project, working parties are currently planned for Friday, April 18 and Saturday April 19. The Friday working party will be preparation work and he only needs 3 volunteers. The Saturday working party will be painting the David. The alternate dates are the following weekend, April 25 and 26. The COB will send out the information on the working parties on the week of the working parties.

Treasurer/Newsletter: Base Treasurer Steve Morawiec gave a report on the Charleston Base finances. The March electronic newsletter has been sent out. The mailing will go out on Friday, April 11.

Vice Commander: Base Vice Commander Jerry Stout told the base that the Submarine Birthday/Amberjack Memorial Ceremonies will be held at the Cold War Submarine Memorial, Mt. Pleasant, SC of Saturday, April 12 at 1100. The base election for Base Vice-Commander and Secretary will be held at the May monthly meeting. If you would like to run of have someone to run for either of these positions please contact Ken Hutchison.

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report: Chaplain’s April Report Highlighted boat of the month: 51 years ago today, April 10, 1963, the USS THRESHER (SSN-593) was lost with 112 crew members and 17 civilian technicians during deep-diving exercises. 15 minutes after reaching test depth, she communicated with USS Skylark that she was having problems. Skylark heard noises "like air rushing into an air tank" - then, silence. Rescue ship Recovery (ASR-43) subsequently recovered bits of debris, including gloves and bits of internal insulation. Photographs taken by Trieste proved that the submarine had broken up, taking all hands on board to their deaths in 1,400 fathoms of water, some 220 miles east of Boston.

Jim Gulick went to the hospital on Monday. On Tuesday he was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. Maria called me yesterday to say that the diagnosis has been changed to stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was to come home today. When I know that he is home and ready for visitors and calls, I will put out an email.

Barbara Curtis, Ken’s wife, had surgery on March 27. She is home recovering.

Shirley McDonald presented the base with a card: o To all Ben’s SUBVET brothers, Many Thanks! I want to thank you all for the wonderful service you made for my husband, Benjamin McDonald’s journey on his Eternal Patrol a special one. He would have been so proud. He always looked forward to his SUBVET meetings and when he did feel like going to the After Battery with “Lou” or “Ben”. One day he will be with you all again. Sincerely, Shirley.

Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, rm 323. Visitors would be appreciated. His memory and abilities are getting worse.

Several follow-ups were made on those who’ve had surgery or illnesses in the last couple of months along with the base sending additional cards.

If you know of shipmates or spouses from other bases who are having a difficult time, had surgery, etc. and would like for USSVI Charleston Base to send them a card please send their name and address to the Chaplain via email or phone call.

Webmaster Report: The website is being updated frequently. Keep the inputs coming and I’ll get them posted. There is a section on the website to announce boat reunions.

Membership: Membership Chairman Don Mook reported we now have 322 members.

Storekeeper/Election Coordinator: Base Storekeeper Ken Hutchison reported as Election Coordinator he reported he has two nominations for Base Vice Commander – Don Mook and Jerry Stout and that Rick Wise is running unopposed for Base Secretary.

FRA: The FRA picnic is May 16 & 17 at Short Stay. The menu Friday evening (May 16) is Barbequed Leg Quarters and is free for FRA members and family. The menu Saturday afternoon is hamburgers and hot dogs and all the trimmings and is free. The menu Saturday night is Barbeque, rice, hash and slaw and is $5 a head. Provide your own beverages. Come out and enjoy a good picnic! There will be another “Remember When” Navy Breakfast on May 11.

Nuclear Historian: Rick Carlson made the following report about the men inducted into the Holland Club today. The Holland Club Must be Qualified for 50 years : 1964 What happened back in 1964? The President was assassinated in Nov. 1963. The Largest Earthquake in US History erupted in Anchorage,AK. USSVI is a start up organization. No women on Submarines. 1st. Class Postage was $.05. Beatlemania began. The first Ford Mustang. The Young Loud Talented Boxer, Cassius Clay, won the Heavyweight Championship from Sonny Liston. The average cost of a new home = $13,050. The average cost of a new car = $3,500. Average income per year = $6,000. Price per gallon of gas= Hi test, no unleaded $.30. Beemens had an OPEN roof. Most Navy Base Piers were wood. Most Submarines had Twin screws All these guys were Flamin’ Non-Quals! Congratulations to all!

The After Battery: Steve “Buddha” Nelms made a donation of $200 from the After Battery to Charleston Base General Fund.

Chief of the Boat: Rick Sparger asked that if members checked out equipment from the storage facility to please enter it in the checkout log. He reminded the members of the upcoming events: Sub Ball, Amberjack/Submarine Birthday Service and WWII Subvets meeting.

He also announced that base member Gordon Long was trying to form a Barbershop Quartet. He also reminded the base that we are not allowed to bring food from outside into the FRA. We need to support the FRA.

Base Commander: Since the District Commander was still at the Southeast Regional Convention Ed Stank reminded the base of the Moonshine Mountain WWII Memorial Service to be held at Burnsville, NC May 16 and 17. He also announced that the 2015 Southeast Regional will be held at Satellite Beach, FL. Ed made a request that they not hold the regional on the same week as the Submarine Birthday Ball. April 15 is the deadline for submitting a Charleston Base scholarship application. Ed requested that the Recreation Committee plan for a base picnic on Saturday, May 31. He explained that since we have not had a base activity since the Christmas Party he felt we should have the picnic. The base will provide soft drinks and water but it will be a bring your own beer or alcoholic beverage event.

Old Business: We are returning to participating in parades using the old float trailer. After we replace one tire the float will be towed in local parades with speed limits on towing to and from events.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order: None.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Ralph Rohrssen who contributed $90t o the Scholarship Fund.

Meeting Adjourned: Following the benediction by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols, the Base Vice- Commander adjourned the meeting at 2010.

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