The attendance for the August 8, 2013 meeting was 90.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Commander Ed Stank. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1900. Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in August was given by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Vice C0mmander Jerry Stout. Ed Stank welcomed the members and guests to the meeting. He then called on Gary Williams who introduced base members Gerry Farr, Boyce Williams and Bill Weaver who are Korean War Veterans.

Introductions: The following were new attendees to Charleston Base meetings: ET1(SS) Darrly Allen, Qual Boat: USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN 624, ETC(SS) – Selectee Timothy Coleman, Qual Boat: USS Alabama SSBN 731, and RMC(SS) Charlie Szad, Qual Boat: USS Croaker SS/SSK/AGSS 246. Charlie is a member of the Drum Base and is planning on joining Charleston Base.

Secretary: Base Treasurer Steve Morawiec called for a motion from the floor for the minutes for the July Meeting as published in the newsletter to be approved. A motion was made and seconded and approved on a voice vote.

Treasurer: Base Treasurer Steve Morawiec read a report for the month of July 2013.

Vice Commander: No report.

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report:

- Beginning with a personal report. Richard Blake Griffith entered the world this morning at 0832. 8lb 14oz. He’s our great grandson!

- Pappy Henderson is back at White Oak rm 422 after being in Trident for a couple of weeks. According to his son, Marshall Jr., Pappy’s most serious issue is a bleeding ulcer. His son also wants everyone to know what a great morale boost it is when the SUBVETS visit his father.

- Mike Mulkey had surgery on 31 July to clear up a lung problem. His breathing improved immediately and he was discharged the following Sunday.

- Karen Kopczynski’s mother passed away on 30 July.

- Ben McDonald had a CAT scan at the end of July which showed his cancer is shrinking due to the treatments. He is still in the chemo cycle. Loves to talk so call when you have time.

- Stacy Power was in the hospital the third week of July with an infection in his leg. After heavy antibiotics he was able to go home on the 22nd.

- Dave Saari had surgery on 11 July and was able to go home on the 15th.

- Doc Hill went home on 14 July after a long stay in the hospital and rehab in Mt. Pleasant.

- Barbara Heinle, Don’s wife, is still in treatment for her recurrence of cancer and they both appreciate your prayers.

- Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, Rm 323. Visitors would be appreciated.

- Bill Buxton now lives in Washington State to be near family. He has liver cancer. Please drop him a line and let him know you're thinking of him. His new address is: 7083 Wagner's Way, Apt. 236, Gig Harbor WA 98335.

For the information of All Hands: Each time I am contacted about a submariner who has departed on Eternal Patrol I usually receive at least one, usually more, phone calls/emails asking what the base is going to do and when are we going to do it. Our SOP is that we only conduct our Bell Tolling and presentations to the family for those who are Charleston Base members. Base members will receive an email concerning anyone who departs on EP and is not a member of USSVI and/or Charleston Base. This allows anyone who knew the departed to attend services if they wish to.

I am now connected with the ObitMessenger. I receive a daily email of everyone in the country whose obituary indicates service in the Navy or submarines. These will be sent by email to base members. If you know any of these shipmates or they are members of your boat association, you’ll be able to get their names on the associations EP listing. Online condolences will be sent.

If you know of shipmates or spouses from other bases who are having a difficult time, had surgery, etc. and would like for USSVI Charleston Base to send them a card please send their name and address to the Chaplain via email or phone call.

Webmaster: I have been getting new items frequently from the Veterans Affairs Officer and putting them on the VA page on the website.

Public Affairs: No report.

Submarine Veterans of WWII: The next meeting is 1130 on Thursday August 15 at Ryan’s in Summerville. All USSVI members can join as Associate Members. Come on out for a good time.

Membership: Membership Chairman talked about the required dues for members joining att the end of a year. Base Commander Ed Stank said the we are going to present a Base Bylaw change to have individuals who join Charleston Base on or after July 1 will have their dues cover that year and the coming year. This is for Charleston Base dues only.

Newsletter: Newsletter Editor Steve Morawiec reported that the July newsletter electronic and print versions have been sent out.

Recreation Committee: The Base Hog Roast is scheduled for 19 October. Recreation Committee Chairman Chris Hayden asked that some different members of the base stand up and volunteer to serve on the Rec Committee for the Hog Roast. Contact him at 843-814-4851 to volunteer.

Veterans Affairs: Gary Williams reported the following for Veterans Affairs Officer Ken Curtis. From August 5, 2014 to August 5, 2015 if you submit a fully developed claim for a VA disability that is accepted you will receive up to one year back pay for the disability.

Storekeeper: Base Storekeeper Ken Hutchison had no report.

Fleet Reserve: There will be a Remember When Breakfast at the FRA on Sunday, August 18 at 0900 to 1200, featuring SOS, creamed chipped beef, bacon, biscuits, grits and eggs. All this for $5 for adults, $2.50 for children under 10 and children under 3 are free. Come out and support the FRA.

Holland Club: Holland Club Chairman John Kratz presented the patch, card and certificate to Gerald Starr and Glenn Fleming. He asked if anyone got in touch with Fred McRae to have him contact John.

Scholarship: The Booze Basket was won by Tom Cyrek.

Little David Project: No report.

Nuclear Historian: Nuclear Historian Rick Carlson related the following:

Do any of you remember the honored ritual known as an “All-Hands Working Party” or “Stores Load”?
There were always three groups that were too busy to help: Radiomen, most Nucs and the Yeomen.
The Yeomen weren’t worth too much – couldn’t stand a watch because the XO might need a Rickover Letter typed or a priority ribbon change on the typewriter!
Didn’t stand duty in port – Rickover Letter or ribbon change. In other words, he didn’t do too much!
Always ate first call with the watch reliefs – Rickover Letter or ribbon change-out. He probably saw every movie and had time for a poker game every night once he finished the Rickover Letter. Wasn’t that him at Mid-Rats, too?
Did you ever notice that the Nucs had a “Log Room Yeoman” who stood watches too. He wasn’t a REAL Yeoman.
I wouldn’t say the Yeoman was useless, you know, like a Radioman, but I did learn three things from the Yeo:
The words “listen” and “silent” use the same letters; write it down Auxilarymen to make sure. The word “racecar” spelled backwards is “racecar”; write it down Auxilarymen to make sure. And, the most amazing thing to me, if you rearrange the letters of “illegal immigrant”, and who else but a Yeoman or Radioman would have the time, you get “Go home you freeloading, benefit grabbing, resource sucking, baby making, non-English speaking, asshole. Go home and take your sandal wearing, bomb making, camel riding, goat loving, raggedy-assed bastards with you!
Now ask yourself, “Why couldn’t the Log Room Yeoman type the Rickover Letter?” Thus leaving the Ship’s Yeoman free to change the typewriter ribbon both red AND black! Poor overworked asshole!

After Battery: The After Battery is located out in Dorchester, SC. We have a get together every Wednesday night. There is a meal and games are available. All this for a $5 donation. Come out and have great time! There is a link to the After Battery website on the Charleston Base website.

District Commander: The annual WWII Memorial Service will be held at King’s Bay, GA the first weekend in November (Nov 1 – 3). The actual service will be held Friday, 1 Nov at 1000.

Chief of the Boat: COB Rick Sparger gave a float update. All the steel, except for the 40’ 6” channel for the frame, has been delivered. So far we have not spent any base money. Rick also made a request for members to volunteer for pall bearer duty.

Base Commander: Base Commander Ed Stank asked that if any member of the base knows of an event they would like base participation please let him know.

Old Business: Tom Lufkin told the base that the USS Clamagore SS 343 Restoration and Maintenance Association, Inc. (CRAMA) has been formed. It has received the Code 501.C.3 non-profit status from South Carolina and should receive the federal status soon. Its sole purpose is to save the Clamagore from becoming a reef which is the stated desire of Patriots Point. CRAMA is writing a business plan to place the Clamagore at the North Charleston Waterfront Park in a manner similar to the USS Drum in Mobile, AL. Anyone can join the Association with an annual membership fee of $10.

New Business: None

Good of the Order: The annual CPO selectee breakfast will take place at Cracker Barrel in Summerville at 0600 on 11 September. All CPOs are invited.

Once the new float trailer is built we will have to paint it.

A request was made for donation to the USS Thresher Memorial in Kittery, ME.

Base Commander Ed Stank brought up that since there were complaints after the Depth Charge drawing in June, tickets were sold on-line to members that did not attend the meeting; tickets were only sold this month to members at the meeting. At the September meeting the base will vote on making this a base policy. Note that credit and debit cards can still be used for depth charge ticket purchase.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Craig Opie.

Meeting Adjourned: The Base Commander adjourned the meeting at 2011.

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