The attendance for the October 2013 meeting was 113.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Commander Ed Stank. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1900. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in October was given by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Vice-Commander Jerry Stout. Ed welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.

Introductions: The following were new attendees to Charleston Base meetings: SKC(SS) William Campbell, Qual Boat: USS Parche SSN 683; FTG1(SS) Joe Veres, Qual Boat: USS Sculpin SSN 590; RMCM(SS) Leonard Chilton, Qual Boat: USS Darter SS 576. EN1(SS) Edgel C. Hash, Qual Boat: USS Redfin SS 272; QMC(SS) Loye Ray Bryant, Qual Boat: USS Will Rogers SSBN 659.

Secretary: Base Secretary Rick Wise said he was glad to be back and asked for a motion on the September meeting minutes. A motion was made by Roger Gibson and seconded and approved on a voice vote.

Treasurer: Base Treasurer Steve Morawiec read a report for the month of September.

Vice Commander: Vice Commander Jerry Stout reminded the base that the positions of Vice Commander and Secretary were up for election in 2014. If you are interested in running for either position let any member of the Board of Directors know.

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report:

·Dot Campbell, Soupy’s wife, went to the hospital last Sunday by ambulance. While on the way she flatlined but before anything could be done to resuscitate her, the driver said she brought herself back to life. Dot is in Roper DT but should go home on Friday, Oct. 11th.

·Glenn Fleming is recovering from his serious jaw surgery related to his cancer several years ago. He is doing well and has received good reports from the doctor. Glenn is here tonight.

·Lou Leal broke his right arm in early September. He is doing well and recuperating.

·Sue Peters had a 3 way bypass recently but is now home and doing well.

·Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, Rm 323. Visitors would be appreciated. His memory and abilities are getting worse.

·Secretary Note: The following information was received after the October 10th meeting: Vickie Bryant, daughter of base member Ralph “Dutch” Wieland, was killed in a car wreck on October 3.

Membership: Membership Chairman Don Mook reported that there were still 104 members that are delinquent on their 2014 dues. The stickers for the national membership cards will be sent out in 2014. Our current membership total is 324.

Public Affairs: PAO Mike Knaub had no report.

Storekeeper: Base Storekeeper Ken Hutchison reported that he had 2014 Calendars for sale at $9 each.

Newsletter: Steve Moraweic reported that the electronic and printed newsletter has been sent out. Pictures on the Charleston Base Website and Facebook page may be downloaded by selecting and pressing the right mouse button. You will get a dropdown menu with one choice as “Save Image As”. Click on that and note where the picture will be saved. You may change the file name and the click “Save”.

Veterans Affairs/DAV: Ken Curtis warned the base that a group called Veteran’s Support Organization has been banned from fund-raising in South Carolina. He asked if there was interest in learning about the VA Aid and Attendance Program. He will prepare a presentation for next month. If you have any questions on VA benefits, Ken, Jerry Stout and Bill Roberts will be happy to answer your questions.

FRA: Larry Cox reported that there is a Halloween Party scheduled for October 26 starting at 2000. There will be another Remember When Breakfast on Sunday, November 10 starting at 0900. Charge is $5 a head.

Scholarship: Chairman Julian Villegas reminded the base that he had Charleston Base Challenge Coins for sale at $12 each to support the Scholarship Fund.

Holland Club: John Kratz had no report.

Submarine Veterans of WWII: Roger Gibson reminded the base that the next Swamp Fox meeting was Thursday, October 17 at 1130 at Ryan’s in Summerville.

Recreation Committee: Chairman Chris Hayden reported he still needed volunteers to help with the Hog Roast on Saturday, October 19. See him after the meeting to offer your services.

Special Events Coordinator: Jerry Stout reminded the base that the float will not be available for parades this year. The next event is the Veteran’s Day Service at the Dorchester County Building at the corner of US17A and US78 in Summerville. Charleston Base is the responsible activity this year so make plans to attend. The event starts at 1015 on Monday, November 11. The uniform will be the Vest Uniform. Bill Kennedy told the base that Coastal Coffee Roasters would have refreshments following the ceremony.

Kaps For Kids: Walt Deal had no report.

Little David Project: Rick Wise had no report.

Nuclear Historian: Rick Carlson gave the following report: I’d like to wish all hands a Navy “Happy Birthday”. She is 237 years old. Happy Birthday also to all members who had a birthday this past year or are expecting one in the coming year!

Tomorrow we will be welcoming our newest unemployed Federal Worker, CDR Mark Schmitt from Nuclear Power School. Welcome Ashore!

From my continuing Investigating Reporting Series: Meet the Crew

FLASH UPDATE!!! The Yeoman, I have been told, doesn’t type the Rickover Letter anymore. Well, what does he do??? I have found out that in his spare time, he has been learning to play cribbage. He still has a long way to go to beat the RMs, OPS!ET’s two out of three games. (At this point Rick held up a board with only two holes!)

FLASH 2. Radioman: I talked to a RM who NEVER changed a typewriter ribbon or a teletype ribbon! What about security??? Boy, did I open a bag of worms. NO! HIS NAME WAS NOT WALKER! Continuing on the original story, I have uncovered another “non-watchstander”; both in port and at sea. We are almost at a 60-40 split of non-watchstanders when you consider those who sleep on watch. . . Who is my latest discovery? He is the cleanest shaven, always fresh from the shower, clothes spick “n” span, has watched all the movies TWICE, is slept out (You just can’t 14 to 16 hours a day and not get slept out!), and has been invited into the Yeoman’s inner circle of cribbage players. He is the guy who takes care of you when you are hurt or not feeling good. He performs brain surgery, appendectomies, tooth extraction, and delivers babies (We have women going to sea now!) He gives us shots, checks your radiation exposure, is in charge of the Ambu bags and stretchers, and, yes, has input into the Rickover Letter. Figures!!! You do know I’m talking about the Nurse, Doc, Pecker-Checker, Corpsman, or as they are called today --- The Independent Duty Corpsman!

After Battery: Steve “Buddha” Nelms told the base that the After Battery had received a thank you letter from the Wounded Warrior Project and reminded the base that there was a website for the After Battery:

District Commander: Paul Viering reminded the base of the WWII Memorial Service at King’s Bay, GA on November 1.

Chief of the Boat: Rick Sparger reminded the base about CDR Mark Schmitt’s retirement ceremony at 1300 on Friday, October 11 at Bowman Center at NPS on the Naval Weapons Station. The Hog Roast is 1300 October 19 at the Cooper River Partners Picnic Area.

Base Commander: Ed Stank told the base the Christmas Party will be on December 7 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on St. James Avenue in Goose Creek. The theme for the party is a WWII USO Canteen. Costumes are not required. The cost of tickets is $20 each for the member and one guest and $25 each for additional guests.

Old Business: The motion tabled at the last meeting was brought up for a vote. The motion was stated: It is the policy of Charleston Base that you must be present to win a base drawing. After discussion the measure was passed on a hand vote.

New Business: Ed Stank informed the base that we have negotiated stowage for Charleston Base equipment on Combined Base Charleston, Naval Weapons Station. This will save the base around $1200 a year. A working party will be required sometime in the future to move the items.

Good of the Order: Base Member Jim Lewis urged members to pay their dues.

Tom Lufkin talked about the USS Clamagore SS 343 Restoration and Maintenance Association, Inc. (CRAMA) which has the following purpose: To save, relocate and restore the USS CLAMAGORE SS 343. To relocate submarine from Patriot’s Point, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to a land berth communal with the CSS HUNLEY museum in North Charleston, South Carolina. And to preserve the last of her kind of World War II submarine to a condition suitable to serve as a submarine museum and memorial for future generations. CRAMA is not a Code 501.(c).3 non-profit organization but the paperwork is being submitted. CRAMA is offering membership for $20 a year. Since it is so late in this year any membership bought will also cover 2014. This money is needed for operating funds for the association. Anyone can join the association. Just see any CRAMA Board of Director member (Tom Lufkin, Gary Williams, George Scharf, Rick Wise, Jerry Stout, Butch Bryar, Jack Harden, Roger Gibson, Ronnie Kerstetter, or Don Mook) or send Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address (if you have one) and a check for $20 to CRAMA, PO Box 60388, North Charleston, SC 29423. You’ll receive a membership card and a copy of the Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Board of Director Meeting minutes either electronically or by snail mail.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Rick Wise.

Meeting Adjourned: The Base Commander adjourned the meeting at 2009.

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