Searching The Internet More Efficiently

Regardless of which major search engine you use -Google,Bing, or Yahoo, sometimes the results of a simple search can be overwhelming. Knowing how to winnow down the returns can make your search results much more manageable.

One very simple way to narrow a search's focus is by using quotation marks. Let's say you're searching for: banana split recipe. You go to google, and enter banana split recipe. The search engine will list every internet page containing the word banana, the word split, and the word recipe.

But by doing one simple change to your search - putting quotation marks (") at the beginning and at the end of your search string - "banana split recipe" - the search engine will only list an internet page containing the words - banana split recipe - in that exact order.

Oftentimes, this simple change to a search string will vastly decrease the number or listings the search engine returns.

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