The attendance for the April 11, 2013 meeting was 106.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Vice Commander Jerry Stout. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1900. Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in April was given by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Secretary Rick Wise. Jerry Stout welcomed the members and guests to the meeting. He explained that Base Commander Carl Chinn could not be at the meeting because he was with his sister who is under hospice care. Jerry then introduced Holland Club Chairman John Kratz.

Holland Club Inductions: Following introductory remarks the following members came forward and were inducted into the Holland Club: FTG1/SS Richard Alfano, MMCM/SS James Boggs, TMC/SS Edward Bowles, TMC/SS Walter Deal, QMC/SS Alan Dempster, EMCM/SS Frank Evans, QMC/SS Gerald Farr, STCM/SS Tom Lehmann, QMCS/SS Joseph Lunn, HMC/SS Roy Massey, TMC/SS Steve Nelms, TMC/SS Ed Simokat, MSCM/SS Ralph Weiland, CWO3/SS Lee Young. The following members could not be present and were inducted: MMCM/SS Glenn Flemming, MMCM/SS Al Katen, MM1/SS Fred McRae, and CSCS/SS Gerald Starr. John Kratz will see that they receive their certificates and pins. After a short break in which guests were escorted from the room, the meeting continued.

Introductions: The following were new attendees to Charleston Base meetings: Les Birtchet EMCM/SS/LCDR, Qual Boat: USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629, Jim “Louie” Hunnicutt YNCM/SS, Qual Boat: USS Bream SS-245, and Ed Demptster LCDR, Qual Boat: USS Henry L. Stimson SSBN 655.

Secretary: Base Secretary Rick Wise called for a motion from the floor for the minutes for the March Meeting as published in the newsletter to be approved. A motion was made and seconded and approved on a voice vote.

Treasurer: Base Treasurer Terry Trump read a report for the month of March.

Vice Commander: No Report.

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report:

MT1(SS) Gus Martin’s memorial service was on 28 March. It meant a lot to the family to see the 14 Charleston Base members who attended to conduct the bell tolling.

Jackie Kirk, Harry’s wife, had a hernia operation on 29 March. She is home doing well.

Sharon Sessler, Marty’s wife, had a knee replacement last month. She is doing well in her rehab.

Stacy Power had surgery on 1 April on his leg due to poor circulation. He is now home but having some issues with his meds. He was not able to be at the memorial yesterday and says he misses everyone.

Art O’Meally was in the ER on 2 April and had some tests to determine the reason for his being dizzy. He is at home doing well.

Sharon Allen, Carl’s sister, has liver cancer and has been given days to live.

Ev Fuhr, Ken’s wife, received a new kidney on 4 April. They are staying with family on James Island until the 19th.

Larry Fox was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2008 then told it was gone after treatment in 2009. He recently was in MUSC with fluid buildup and weight loss and was told this is a result of cancer cells. He will be going back into MUSC on 23 April for more tests.

Jim Kimbrell is not with us tonight. He has an upper respiratory infection.

Bill Roberts will be having hernia surgery at the VA on 17 April.

Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, Rm 323.

For the information of All Hands: Each time I am contacted about a submariner who has departed on Eternal Patrol I usually receive at least one, usually more, phone calls/emails asking what the base is going to do and when are we going to do it. Our SOP states that we only conduct our Bell Tolling and presentations to the family for those who are Charleston Base members. Base members will receive an email concerning anyone who departs on EP and is not a member of USSVI and/or Charleston Base. This allows anyone who knew the departed to attend services.

The following shipmates departed on Eternal Patrol this past month. None were members of Charleston Base. Online memorial entries were made if possible.

ICC(SS) Paul Gonya, USN Retired, departed on Eternal Patrol on 30 January. He served on the WOODROW WILSON Commissioning Crew. Paul was not a member of USSVI or Charleston Base. A Memorial Service will be held for Paul on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM. This will take place at Patriots Point in Mt Pleasant in front of the USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN/SSN-624 Bench at the Cold War Submarine Memorial Site.

CDR (SS) Greg Czech, USN Ret., departed on Eternal Patrol on April 6, 2013. Greg was a member of USSVI and Denizens Of The Deep Base in Aiken. He served on CUSK (EN3), LEWIS & CLARK (LTJG), JOHN C. CALHOUN (LT), JAMES K. POLK (LCDR) and ALAMAGORDO (CDR). An entry was made in the online memorial page on behalf of Charleston Base and Swamp Fox Chapter.

MMCM(SS) Maurice Bruce Rambo, USN Ret., departed on Eternal Patrol on April 7, 2013. He was not a member of USSVI. He served on POLLACK, GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER, SCORPION, GEORGE WASHINGTON and TECUMSEH with a tour at FBMSTC also. An entry was made in the online memorial page on behalf of Charleston Base and Swamp Fox Chapter.

ETN2(SS) Tim VeArd, USN, departed on Eternal Patrol on April 8, 2013. Tim was the USSVI National Chief Technical Officer for several years. He served on BANG and ROBERT E. LEE.

NOTE: Please get your mug shot taken if you have already done so. Also, please complete your Page 2 if you haven’t done so. Copies are on the SK’s table.

If you know of shipmates or spouses from other bases who are having a difficult time, had surgery, etc. and would like for USSVI Charleston Base to send them a card please send their name and address to the Chaplain via email or phone call.

Webmaster Updates: All pages are updated as info is available.

Public Affairs and Submarine Veterans of WWII: An item about the Marrington Elementary School tribute to WWII veterans has been submitted. The next Swamp Fox meeting is at 1130 Thursday, April 19 at Ryan’s in Summerville. Everyone is welcome.

Membership: One new member signed up tonight before the meeting.

Newsletter Editor: Ray Sparks read a report from Newsletter Editor Steve Morawiec that the March newsletter electronic and print versions have been sent out. We picked up two more advertisers for the newsletter.

Veterans Affairs: The position of Veterans Affairs Representative is vacant. The base needs someone to fill the position.

Storekeeper: No report.

Kaps For Kids: Kaps For Kids Coordinator Walt Deal reported he was talking with MUSC about a caps presentation and would need a couple of SubVets to help as well as a photographer.

Fleet Reserve: Larry Cox pointed out that flyers were on each table with the upcoming events. These were Home Committee Meeting 1830 April 15, Branch Meeting 1900 April 18, Country/Western Night 2000 April 26. He urged base members to join the FRA.

Scholarship: The Scholarship application deadline is Monday, April 15. We currently have three applications.

Little David Project: Project Coordinator Rick Wise reported the little David working party is scheduled for 1000 Saturday, April 20 at the Berkeley County Museum in Moncks Corner. He also has patches for anyone who has worked on the David since it moved to the Berkeley County Museum. The patches say “Little David Maintenance Crew”.

Nuclear Historian: Nuclesr Historian Rick Carlson related this story: Two chiefs' kids both have to go into the hospital. The first little kid says “What’re you going in for?” The second kid says “I gotta go in for tonsils.” “That’s easy,” says the first kid. “You won’t even know what happens and when you wake up they give you ice cream and jello. All you can eat.” “That don’t sound bad at all.” says the second kid. “What’re you going in for?” “I’m going in to get circumcised.” answers the first kid. “OH NO!” exclaimed the second kid. “Why do you say that?” asks the first kid. “I was circumcised when I was born,” answers the second kid “and I couldn’t walk for a year!”

District Commander: District Commander Paul Viering thanked Thom and Linda Beach for their work hosting the USSVI South-East Regional Convention. He also thanked everyone who attended. He stated he will be running for the South-East Region 2 District Commander. A memorial service will be held at the Moonshine Mountain Memorial by the Asheville, NC base on 3 May.

Special Events Coordinator: Events Coordinator Marty Sessler thanked everyone that helped with the Amberjack/Submarine Birthday Service on Wednesday. He reported we had 117 people attending. The float is being evaluated at a trailer shop in N. Charleston for what may be axle problems. This is causing rapid wear of the front and rear tires on the starboard side. Because of this we will not pull the float in the World Grits Festival Parade in St. George on April 20. We have been invited and plan to pull the float in the military Appreciation Days Parade in Myrtle Beach, SC on Saturday, May 25.

Chief of the Boat: The picnic is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 1. We need volunteers to take charge of the picnic. The flag folding detail still needs volunteers and a coffin flag. You will be trained. The USS Darter SS-576 is having a reunion in Charleston 18 – 22 April POC is Eric Blad 772-979-5724. A copy of the 41 for Freedom poster showing the namesake for the FBM submarines will be put up at the FRA Home.

Base Commander: Vice Commander Jerry Stout apologized to Regulus sailors and diesel boats that trailed Russian boats for forgetting to mention them at the Submarine Birthday memorial service Wednesday.

Old Business: Election Coordinator John Lookabill reported he had two nominations for the election next month. They are Ed Stank for Base Commander and Steve Moraweic for Base Treasurer. If you have other nominations they can be taken up to the night of the election, May 9.

Tom Lufkin reported that he, Butch Bryer and George Scharf attended a meeting with South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell about the USS Clamagore. They received a lot of encouragement and a list of items to get done before approaching the City of North Charleston about moving the USS Clamagore to Waterfront Park. One item is a written detailed plan. If anyone has experience is writing business plans please contact Tom Lufkin.

Base member Jim Lewis asked for an explanation for why the base wasn’t ready to present the letter of appreciation and challenge coins for the sailors who helped out with the Oyster Roast. The Executive Board did not know the students would be at the meeting and apologized. The students were sent back so they could prepare for a test Friday. The Executive Board will set up to have the items presented at the NNPTC at a later date.

Ed Stank reported that the Aiken and Greenville bases will help on getting South Carolina submarine license plates.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order: Don Meadows offered to provide copies of his book to members who need them for fund raising at events like reunions.

Ed Stank urged members to step up and get active in supporting the base. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort but we really need it.

ETC/SS Craig Opie reminded the members about the Sub Ball this Friday.

Rick Wise reminded the members that we call ourselves the brothers of the dolphin. Let’s act like brothers.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Wayne Skinner. He donated $100 to the Scholarship Fund.

Meeting Adjourned: Following the benediction by the Base Chaplain, the Vice Commander adjourned the meeting at 2013.

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