The attendance for the January 2014 meeting was 107.

Opening Ceremonies: The meeting was called to order by Base Commander Ed Stank. A quorum was present and the meeting started at 1902. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation and Tolling of the Boats lost in October was given by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols. The USSVI Creed was read by Base Vice-Commander Jerry Stout. Ed welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.

Introductions: The following were new attendees to Charleston Base meetings: FTG1(SS) Tom Lawson, Qual Boat: USS Narwhal SSN 671; EM1(SS)Bill Hayes, Qual Boat: USS John Marshall SSBN 611; MMCM(SS) Mike Carter, Qual Boat: USS Sand Lance SSN 660; and Michael J. Heitlzer, Mayor of Goose Creek, who was offering autographed copies of his latest book, The Goose Creek Bridge, for a donation to the Save the Clamagore Fund.

Secretary: Base Secretary Rick Wise pointed out that since there was no January meeting there were no minutes to be approved.

Treasurer: Base Treasurer Steve Morawiec gave a report on the Charleston Base finances. Base Commander Ed Stank reported that Base Member Gary Williams will be doing an audit of the Charleston Base books IAW the Base Bylaws.

Vice Commander: Base Vice Commander Jerry Stout reminded the members that nominations could be made for the Secretary and Vice Commander positions that will be voted on at the May meeting. Ken Hutichison volunteered to be the Election Coordinator. As Special Events Coordinator, Jerry reminded the base of the Hunley-Housatonic Memorial Service at Sunrise Presbyterian Church on Sullivans Island on Monday, February 17. This will be the 150th anniversary of the attack. Information on all the events for this are on the base website, www.ussvicb.org .

Chaplain and Webmaster: Base Chaplain and Webmaster Nick Nichols gave the following report: January Chaplain’s Report

FTCM(SS) Wayne Skinner departed on Eternal Patrol December 6th. He had been in the hospital after suffering two strokes at the end of November. The family would like to thank the SUBVETS for their assistance at the funeral. NOTE: I would like to stress the importance of giving the Chaplain a Page 2. When there isn’t one it does make it harder to assist the family with the funeral.

NOTE: I would like to stress the importance of making sure you, and your family, know the location of your DD214. This is required to prove veteran status if you are seriously ill or in case of death.

Lee Allison has moved to Punta Gorda Florida to be with his son and grandsons. His address and phone number is on the sailing list. A card or note from our members would brighten his day considerably.

Mike 'Knobby' Knaub broke his leg in Dec and is recovering from surgery. He was able to be with us at the meeting. He also wants everyone to know how much the phone calls, cards and prayers mean to someone who is cooped up at home.

Ben McDonald is doing well. He’ll be going to the doctor on the 21st and getting a CAT scan. Not in any pain. He’s not at the meeting because of his weakened immune system but wants everyone to know how much he appreciates the prayers, cards and phone calls.

Ev Fuhr, Ken’s wife, is post nine months of getting her kidney. She is feeling good and getting out. Ken asks that we continue the prayers.

Charlie Rook has pancreatic cancer and had his 4th of 26 radiation treatments today. He decided not to have any surgery. His doctor has given him a fairly good prognosis. Charlie said he would like to talk to any of you that would like to call.

Gloria Jenkins, wife of Abe Jenkins, WWII SUBVET, passed away on December 9th. They had been married 61 years. SUBVETS attended her funeral on December 17th.

Tom Cyrek’s mother passed away on December 8th.

Johnnie Lowe, Bob Lowe’s wife, passed away on November 26th and was buried on November 29th with several base members attending and being pall bearers.

Soupy Campbell is doing very well after his spinal cord surgery on November 26th.

Clyde Peters is still in Mt. Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, 921 Bowman Rd, Rm 323. Visitors would be appreciated. His memory and abilities are getting worse.

ADM Kinnaird R. McKee, USN, Retired departed on Eternal Patrol on December 30th. A memorial service will be held at the Naval Academy Chapel, and the details will be announced as soon as they are finalized. ADM McKee served as Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion from 1982 to 1988. He also served as Superintendent, United States Naval Academy from 1975 to 1978.

Several follow-ups were made on those who’ve had surgery or illnesses in the last couple of months along with the base sending additional cards.

If you know of shipmates or spouses from other bases who are having a difficult time, had surgery, etc. and would like for USSVI Charleston Base to send them a card please send their name and address to the Chaplain via email or phone call. January 2014


The following additions have been made to the website. Take a look to keep informed:

DD214: How to order a DD 214. You may use this system if you are a military veteran, or next of kin of a deceased, former member of the military.

CB Distinguished Submariner Award is a yearly award to a base member whose contributions have been of exceptional importance to the success of the Charleston Base and had a positive impact on the base membership. The recipient will be nominated from within the base membership with the final decision being made by the Board of Directors. Nominations will be conducted each year in January and February with the award presented at the March base meeting.

Save the Clamagore info on CRAMA (Clamagore Restoration and Maintenance Association)

HL Hunley Sesquicentennial Weekend Info of the HL Hunley and Events for the weekend of February 14-17

SCHOLARSHIP: Application info on the Admiral Osborn Scholarship Fund – due 15 April.

Instructions on how to upload pictures to DropBox for me to use on the website

CONVENTIONS: info about the 2014 Gulf Coast SubVets Christmas Party

SAILING LIST: Added a second list with only base members names, not password protected

DOCUMENTS: Page 2 & Important Instructions for the family

Please either get your picture made or send me a current one of you for the website.

Public Affairs: Base Commander Ed Stank pointed out that Mike Knaub, who attended the meeting, would be incapacitated for some time and asked someone to volunteer to be the Public Affairs Officer.

Membership: Membership Chairman Don Mook reported that he had four new member but we still have 25 current members delinquent on 2014 dues. Remember, you can pay by credit or debit card using the PayPal button on the base website as well as by check or cash.

Storekeeper: Base Storekeeper Ken Hutchison had no report

Newsletter: Steve Moraweic reported that the electronic and printed newsletter has been sent out.

Veterans Affairs/DAV: Ken Curtis reminded members that they could attend the Medal of Honor Bowl at Johnson Hagood Stadium this Saturday, January 11, for free as long as you have a military affiliation card (SubVets card, VFW or FRA card, etc.) of military ID.

The Tricare For Life Pharmacy Pilot Program goes into effect on Feb. 14. It will require prescriptions for maintenance drugs to be received by mail or at a military pharmacy. These will be generic prescriptions so check with your doctor to see if this might be a problem.

A website has been established to make it easier to access your DD214. There is a link on the Charleston Base website, www.ussvicb.org, in the VA section.

FRA: Larry Cox told the members tickets for the Super Bowl party on Feb. 2 were extremely limited. There will be another “Remember When” Breakfast on February 9th 0900-1200 at the FRA, Goose Creek, SC.

Scholarship: Chairman Julian Villegas reminded the base that he had Charleston Base Challenge Coins for sale at $12 each to support the Scholarship Fund. The new applications are available on-line. The deadline for applications is April 15th.

Holland Club: Holland Club Chairman John Kratz reminded the members that the Holland Club induction would be held at the April meeting. He will be contacting the inductees in March about their plans to attend.

Submarine Veterans of World War II: Swamp Fox President George Scharf reminded the base that the next meeting is at Ryan’s in Summerville at 1130 on Thursday February 20.

George also talked about the presentations that Stratford High School made to the WWII vets and asked any base members who knew of a school that would be interested in having the WWII vets to have the school contact him.

Recreation Committee: The Base Commander made a request for base members to join the Recreation Committee. We cannot continue to operate the way we have been because a small number of base members are doing all the work.

Kaps 4 Kids: Walt Deal had no report.

Clamagore Restoration and Maintenance Association: CRAMA Chairman Tom Lufkin gave the base an update on the project to save, restore and relocate USS Clamagore SS-343. There was an extended discussion on the status of the funds that had been initially collected by the Clamagore Veterans Association. Those funds are not held or controlled by CRAMA.

Nuclear Historian: Rick Carlson read the following dedicating it to the WWII sailors at the meeting.

A Sailor's Poem

Come gather round me lads and I'll tell you a thing or two;
'bout the way we ran the Navy back in nineteen fifty-two.
When wooden ships and iron men were barely out of sight
I am going to give you some info to set the record right.

We wore the ol' bell bottoms, with a flat hat on our head;
Always hit the rack at night and never "went to bed."
Our uniforms were worn ashore 'cause we were mighty proud;
Never thought of wearing civvies, in fact they weren't allowed.

Now, when a ship puts out to sea, I’ll
Tell you son, it hurts;
When you suddenly notice that half
The crew is wearing skirts.

And it’s hard for me to imagine,
A female Boatswain’s Mate;
Stopping on the Quarterdeck to make
Sure her stockings are straight.

Whatever happened to the  KiYi  brush, and the old salt-water bath?
Holy stoning decks at night 'cause you stirred old Bosn's wrath!
We always had our gedunk stand and lots of pogey bait;
And it always took a hitch or two just to make a rate.

In your seabag all your skivvies, were neatly stopped and rolled;
And the blankets on your sack better have a three-inch fold.
Your little ditty bag O, how much it held;
You wouldn't go ashore with pants that hadn't been spiked and belled.

We had scullery maids, succotash and good old SOS
And when you felt like topping off, you headed for the mess.
Oh we had our belly robbers but there weren't too many gripes;
The deck apes were never hungry and there were no starving snipes.

Now you never hear of Davy Jones, Shellbacks or Polliwogs;
And you never splice the main brace to receive your daily grog.
You never have to dog a watch or stand the mains or vent;
You even tie your lines today, back in my time they were bent.

We were all two-fisted drinkers and no one thought you sinned
If you staggered back aboard your ship, three sheets to the wind.
And with just a couple hours sleep you regained your usual luster;
Bright eyed and bushy tailed, you still made morning muster.

Rocks and shoals have long since gone, and now it's UCMJ;
Then the old man handled everything if you should go astray.
Now they steer the ships with dials, and I wouldn't be surprised;
If some day they sailed them from the beach...computerized.

So when my earthly hitch is o'er, and the good Lord picks the best
I'll walk right up to HIM and say, "Sir, I have but one request.
Let me sail the seas of Heaven in a coat of Navy blue;
Like I did so long ago on earth way back in forty-two.

After Battery: Steve “Buddha” Nelms reminded the base that The After Battery was located in Dorchester, SC. Every Wednesday night there is a get-together. They have everything needed for most card games and acey-deucy. The After Battery Annual Hog Roast is Saturday, April 5, 2014. People will start arriving on Monday, March 31.

District Commander: Paul Viering reminded the base that National Elections were coming up. Look at the information on the issues and candidate before voting. Don’t just act like sheep - baah.

May 16 and 17 the North Carolina SubVets will be holding the WWII Memorial Ceremony on Moonshine Mountain, Burnsville, NC. The SE Regional Conference will be held April 7 – 11 at Cary, NC. The Tarheel Base is running the event.

Chief of the Boat: Rick Sparger read a letter from former Charleston Base member Bobby Lowe thanking the base for their support for his wife’s funeral service.

Rick thanked the people who helped put on the Charleston Base Christmas Party.

He pointed out that since this is the 150th anniversary of the Hunley attack on the USS Housatonic there will probably be more people attending, so plan accordingly.

Base Commander: Ed Stank talked about changing the way drinks are handled a base events. The Recreation Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to handle these.

Ed is arranging for a block of seats to the Stingrays hockey game on January 25. Tickets are $5 each.

The Distinguished Submariner Award is for any Charleston Base Member. If you think a member of the base deserves the award the form is on the website.

The base received a letter from the Walterboro Victory House thanking us for the donation of books and videos.

Old Business: None.

New Business: During the Board of Directors meeting a motion was made and passed to move the dividends from the Investment Fund into the General Fund for the base. This recognizes that the investment fund is derived from the life membership dues of base members who would be paying into the General Fund if not life members.

Rick Wise made the following motion: It is the policy of United States Submarine Veterans Charleston Base to support the efforts of the USS Clamagore SS-343 Restoration and Maintenance, Incorporated (CRAMA) in its mission to save, relocate and restore the USS Clamagore. The motion was tabled until the next meeting.

Good of the Order: Marty Sessler reported that they have started to build the new float trailer.

Depth Charge: The depth charge was won by Jim Kimbrell.

Meeting Adjourned: Following the benediction by Base Chaplain Nick Nichols, the Base Commander adjourned the meeting at 2030.

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