Charleston SUBVETS Attend Nuclear Power School's Chief Petty Officer Selectees Breakfast

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"So, this is what zero six hundred looks like?" quipped Morawiec in his typical pesky manner.
"I have shoes older than all of these kids!" laughed The Mookster.
"May I have sugar-free syrup for my pancakes?" asked Knauby hungrily.

These and hundreds of other snippets of conversation and sea stories were overheard very early on the morning of 11 September 2013 when dozens of Charleston Base Submarine Veterans attended the Nuclear Power School's CPO Selectees breakfast. The breakfast, a yearly tradition of Nuke School's CPO Mess, is actually a serious and somber event that coincides (not accidentally) with the 9/11 attacks.

Graciously invited by the CPO Mess, Charleston Base SUBVETS attended en masse - attired in their vests and ball caps - and dutifully signing Chief Petty Officer selectees' Charge Books. "When I was a Chief on the (insert boat name)," was uttered repeatedly by every SUBVET in attendance - to the look of glazed eyes and nodding heads (after all it was 0600) of selectees and their sponsors.

Breakfast was served - a moment of silence for 9/11 victims was observed - speeches were made (our Rick Carlson provided his special brand of guidance to the selectees) - Challenge Coins were auctioned - a 50/50 drawing's haul was donated to the USSVICB - and good luck and congratulations were offered to, and accepted by, the navy's newest crop of Chief Petty Officers (and a fine group they were!).

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