Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Believe it or not, there was a time in home computing when there wasn't a mouse or a touchpad and everything was done on the keyboard. And although we've essentially 'moved on' with touch screens and tablets, knowing a few simple keyboard shortcuts can save you some time and work.

The Windows Key - that's the key at the lower left area of you keyboard with the four window panes on it. This is a really useful, and quite neglected key.

The first shortcut is Windows d (hold down the Windows key and the letter d key at the same time). Doing so will show your computer's desktop. No need to minimize the four or five open windows one at a time to get to your desktop. Just press Windows d. If you press Windows d a second time - the display will return to its previous state (whatever window(s) you had open).

The second shortcut is ctrl a (hold the ctrl key and the a key at the same time). This shortcut selects the entire page. It is especially useful when copying a page of text or even a photograph.

The third shortcut is ctrl c (hold the ctrl key and the c key at the same time). This shortcut copies whatever you've selected. If you just did a ctrl a - then ctrl c will copy the entire page.

The fourth shortcut is ctrl x (hold the ctrl key and x key at the same time). This shortcut cuts whatever you've selected.

The last shortcut is ctrl v (hold the ctrl key and v key at the same time). This shortcut pastes whatever you've copied or cut.

Use these shortcuts whenever you're cutting, copying, or pasting text.

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