Robert "DEX" Armstrong, Legendary 'After Battery Rat' on Eternal Patrol

Dex cast off the lines of life at 6:20 AM EST July 8, 2014 and sailed off on his final patrol.

A larger than life character with a remarkable talent for writing thoughts and actions that all diesel boat sailors could relate to and say with a smile, "That was me when I was just young squid too!"

Dex will join his beloved Solveig in a shared plot at Arlington National Cemetery at a time and date yet to be announced.

To all who sent cards to DEX, THANK YOU! His Nurse said the stack is bigger than any she has ever seen come in on one day and she enjoyed reading them to Dex on what turned out to be his last night.

Dex, irreverent rascal that he was, would want us all to enjoy his submarine tales and a link to his AFTER BATTERY RAT tales is linked here.

Rest your oar, shipmate! We who remain will keep your memory alive, amd thanks for the precious memories!

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